Serving the World

Christ Church Anglican is involved in world missions in a variety of ways:

We support both financially and in prayer twenty missionaries to the Middle East, Argentina, Belize, Haiti, Uganda, Romania, Cambodia, among other areas. These missionaries are church planting, preparing others for missions service, evangelizing and making disciples in refugee camps, lecturing in biblical studies at a university, providing health education, developing churches, enriching music ministry, serving in social work, pursuing unreached people groups, teaching and providing discipleship training, and leading short-term mission trips.

We support several mission agencies and initiatives including: the  Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS)E412 Ministries,  the New Wineskins Missionary Network, Christian Revival Center Missions to Haiti, and Uganda Christian University Partners.

We have led short-term mission trips to Nepal, Iraq, and Mexico where parishioners were afforded the opportunity to serve abroad.

We encourage parishioners to be involved in global mission in the following ways:

  • Have your Bible Study or Community Group adopt a missionary to pray for, support financially, or send special gifts.
  • Pray for our missionaries regularly – note the list on the back of the bulletin each Sunday. Follow missionaries on blogs, get on their mailing lists for info on specific prayer requests.
  • Become a regular intercessor for a missionary or a specific mission project or need.
  • Give financial support directly to one or more missionaries. (Use a “mite box” to save coins to give for support.)
  • Host visiting missionaries overnight or for a meal.
  • Send older children on a mission trip. Or better yet, participate in a mission trip as a family.
  • Host foreign students from SCAD or other local universities in your home for a meal.
  • Sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International
  • Volunteer in one or more local missions individually and as a family. Use the news as a prayer tool, praying for safety in a situation, for the church in a particular country and for people to turn to God.
  • Celebrate international holidays: use the Internet, local library, ethnic markets for ideas.
  • Read about people, places, foods and cultures from around the world.
  • Encourage friendships with people from other countries or ethnic backgrounds.
  • Eat at international restaurants. Teach your child(ren)about the specific country over dinner.
  • Shop at an international market and prepare a meal.
  • Participate in ethnic/international events here in Savannah.
  • Become a pen pal (email or Facebook) with someone overseas. 

To learn more or become involved email us at