Serving Savannah

Below is information about various ways to serve our local community in Savannah. To learn more or become involved please email Katie Beaumont, our Parish Life Administrator.

Whitefield Center

The Whitefield Center seeks the welfare of the city by equipping and empowering people in the Thomas Square Area. Ongoing community impact projects span from the education of “at risk” children, to workforce development, to Adult Basic Literacy. The center also hosts partners from across Savannah who answer the call to love and assist their neighbors in strategic and meaningful ways. Two of those partners are Urban Hope and Grace Ashtin Christian School.

  • Urban Hope is an after-school initiative that envisions programs far beyond its homework help and snack time. Cultural and culinary arts, sports, fine arts, horticulture, Summer Camp, and, most importantly, giving back to their community are all components of Urban Hope’s Christ centered mission.
  • Grace Ashtin Christian School, under the direction of Dr. Kim Albright, has a limited enrollment and serves middle school and high school girls. In addition to one-on-one academic instruction, students are taught social skills, deportment, career/workforce preparedness and, most significantly, community service.

Hope Academy

Hope Academy believes everyone benefits when people find their Hope and Pursue their Purpose. They do that by serving our neighbors who have come here from around the world to learn English. They help them integrate with their new culture and pursue their purpose beyond language learning. Their focus is using education to serve adults and their families.

Beginning in 2018, Hope Academy concluded their outstanding GED initiative that was birthed at the Whitefield Center, having graduated an astounding 10 local American students with a certified General Education Diploma in just 3 full years of operation. Their satellite English as a Second Language program for refugees had quickly grown, and then outgrew, available space at Whitefield. This program blossomed as people found their Hope and Pursued their Purpose.

Hope Academy now maintains its office on-site at Christ Church Anglican and continues to partner with the Whitefield Center as well as other area non-profits and churches to serve as a “light to the nations” that have now found their home in Savannah.

Kairos Prison Ministry

The Kairos Prison Ministry serves male inmates by providing a biannual four-day program which focuses on developing Christian fellowship amongst the entire inmate population. Additionally, there are monthly events for past participants to further cultivate community in their institution. There are many opportunities to contribute to this ministry: table host, food logistics, financial support, and leading singing. Training and team building is provided prior to each four-day program so that all men are well-prepared and comfortable. Volunteers should be willing to comply with the institution’s rules and procedures and to attend the various training activities. Additionally, volunteers will need to pass a criminal background check or have been free and clear for five years to assist in this ministry.

Bible Class at the Chatham County Detention Center

The Chatham Country Detention Center recruits volunteers to lead Bible studies for inmates, who attend on a voluntary basis. The schedule is adaptable to the volunteer’s availability.

SCAD Outreach

One of the areas of ministry we want to develop is our outreach to the SCAD community. There are thousands of students who walk past our church every day, and we want them to know that they are loved by our church but more importantly loved by Jesus. The needs to engage this ministry are high, and we are in need of serious leadership and follow-through to make this happen. Fr. Joe would like to assemble a team of people who sense a particular call to SCAD Outreach, but also more importantly those who simply want more and more people to know and receive the Gospel. The kind of outreaches we would like to see include fellowship, hospitality, and the development of forums, engaging core issues in our culture and how they relate to Christianity. A key outreach that has been ongoing with SCAD is through our music ministry. We have already received multiple students who now sing and participate in our choir. Each year at the SCAD orientation day we have a lay leader represent Christ Church Anglican to meet and greet incoming students. We certainly would like to expand these ministries in the future.