There are various ways to become a part of the Christ Church Anglican family. We seek to have each area be an organic and relational process in your own formation. Rather than hoops to go through, these areas are opportunities for you to grow in your sense of calling with us. Membership and Confirmation are sacred steps to take in saying “yes” to God’s calling for your church home. In no way should these steps hinder your involvement with the church, but our hope is for them to enhance your participation.

Throughout the year we offer opportunities for you to get to learn more about Christ Church Anglican.  These informal gatherings invite you to meet our staff, hear the vision of the church, learn of ways to get connected and help us get to know you as you discern your calling to a new church home.

In response to God’s calling, you discern if  His desire is for you to “hang your hat” with Christ Church Anglican. We seek to honor and highlight your calling to the church body through our Membership Rite. These are a series of questions and answers in the context of prayer regarding your calling in relationship to the life of CCA. As your new church family, we “officially” welcome and support you into the fold.

Membership Application

For those either seeking membership or current members, we offer an annual catechesis program comprised of four 7-week courses: 1) Creed, 2) Prayer, 3) Commandments, and 4) Anglican Tradition. After completion of all four catechesis courses, participants are eligible for confirmation.

This program is also intended for those baptized as infants seeking to publicly confess the faith they were baptized into, claiming it for themselves. As an intergenerational group, we invite those 15 years old and above. Parents are encouraged to accompany their youth and join them in this process.

In the book of Acts, the apostles were called to the “ministry of laying on of hands” asking the Holy Spirit to prosper the mission of Christ through His people. We continue this ministry with our bishop who lays his hands upon those who were part of the catechesis community group, trusting the Holy Spirit to lead them further into the mission of His Church. Confirmation allows you to join our lay leadership bodies (Parish Council and Vestry), represent our church on a regional level with the diocese, and connects you to the worldwide Anglican Communion.