Who We Are

We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

CREATION: We have been created in God’s image, as the crown of His Creation and the delight of His heart.

SIN: Due to our selfishness, we rebelled against God and sought to live life according to our own wants and desires.

JUDGMENT: Our rebellion distorted the divine image within us beyond recognition and has alienated us from our Creator, resulting in great pain and confusion and bringing us under His righteous judgment.

REDEMPTION: God, in His mercy, provided a remedy: Jesus Christ, who died in our place on the cross, taking the just punishment that was rightly ours, and rising bodily from the grave. Through repentance from sin and faith in Christ’s act of love and mercy on our behalf, God gives us forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit, who transforms our lives and offers us new life, beginning in this world and carrying us into the glory of the world to come.

Our Vision

Christ Church Anglican is a congregation committed to:


Glorifying God in our worship and strengthening our Gospel-oriented identity in the Anglican tradition.


Developing a culture of passing on the faith from cradle to grave through intergenerational experiences on Sunday and throughout the week.

Life Together

Loving one another as a parish family, while building a supportive community for all people in every stage of life.


Growing into a church for the Thomas Square Neighborhood and beyond – interacting, engaging, and serving those in need.

“For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” 2 Corinthians 4:5

Our Tradition of Faith

We cherish our Anglican heritage and find its history, continuity, and practical tools for being a follower of Jesus a helpful way of living out the Christian life. Anglicanism’s distinctive tradition began when the Church of England emerged from the Reformation in the 16th century. Anglicanism features a vibrant commitment to Biblical authority and a rich liturgical tradition rooted in the Book of Common Prayer. Today there are over 85 million Christians in the world who identify as Anglican, with notable growth in Africa and Asia in recent years.

Christ Church Anglican is a member of the Gulf Atlantic Diocese in the Anglican Church of North America.

We believe the Bible is God’s Word written and delight in its message of His love for us in Jesus Christ. We find our joy in the Gospel and its liberating message offered to all people. As faithful disciples, we seek to understand and experience Christian community in all of its richness. And for those who are seeking God or have questions about the Christian Faith, we wish to be a safe and loving place for honest questions and inquiring hearts.

Further details about our beliefs can be found in our province’s catechism, To Be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism.