Small Groups

Small Groups are the best way to connect with the people of Christ Church Anglican and the primary place where we are formed as followers of Jesus Christ. In Small Groups we seek to focus on Christian fellowship with others who desire to grow in wisdom by pursuing a fuller understanding of and relationship with God. Each group has between ten and twenty members who meet once a week or a couple times a month. Groups usually gather at a members’ home. Some groups are made up of a variety of people while others may be exclusively comprised of those of a particular gender or stage of life. Additionally, some groups are brought together by having a particular neighborhood or area of town in common.

Fellowship, learning, worshiping, and serving are the unifying threads between all groups, based on Acts 2:43-47. A time of fellowship, often over a meal, is enjoyed before moving on to the study. Each group studies various books and topics, but all are seeking to understand and love God more completely. Groups have a time for worship during their gathering that may include elements of singing, scripture reading, and prayer. And finally, each group has posture of service towards one another and their neighbors, seeking to show the love of Jesus in all actions.

To learn more about Small Groups and discuss joining one, please email Fr. Craig Stephans, our Rector.