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We have recorded and produced seven CDs and two DVDs featuring our music ministry’s ensembles. Copies of these audio and visual recordings can be bought using the button below:

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A Bell Odyssey, The Bells of Christ Church

Acclaimed as the finest youth handbell choir in the Southeastern United States, the merry ringers on this joyful and exciting recording offer music from early-America, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Africa, in equally as many styles.

Come Unto Me, Chris Kohut

This acclaimed artist from within our congregation offers his talents on this exceptional recording. Selections include great hymns of the faith, Irish and English folk songs for wooden flute, Renaissance lute pieces and music for the arch guitar. Chris regularly offers his talents at the closing of our Compline service each Sunday night.

Compline: Singing Goodnight to God, The Compline Choir

The Compline Choir of Christ Church Anglican sings the monastic office of Compline by candlelight in the darkened nave of the church. Music includes Gregorian Chant, organum, Anglican chant, plainsong, anthems, and service music appropriate to the service. On this DVD: the complete Office of Compline, interviews with the director and officiant on the background and history of Compline, and a Christmas Special featuring the choir. This DVD can also be bought on Amazon.

Down in the River, Parish Choir, Choristers, and Bells of Christ Church

This is a compilation of some of the best repertoire from our music ministry and includes music from many time periods, including the recent compositions of modern-day composers such as John Rutter and Mack Wilberg. The musical styles highlighted are Renaissance polyphony, spirituals, Baroque oratorio, as well as songs from Africa.

Music From the Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols
Parish Choir with Orchestra, Choristers, Bells, Compline Choir, and Folk Group

A fine recording to add meaning and zest to your Advent and Christmas holiday, this is a compilation of the best offerings from our many years of Lessons & Carols.

Resounding Joy, The Bells of Christ Church

Some of the finest handbell repertoire ever composed is offered on this recording of The Bells of Christ Church from their annual tours.

The Advent Festival of Lessons and Carols, Parish Choir, Choristers, Bells, and Compline Choir

This package includes both a DVD and CD of the complete service of the Advent Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols, sung by candlelight. The DVD also includes nine teachings on the scripture lessons from the service by the Rev. Dr. Marc Robertson, Rector of Christ Church Anglican. Highly effective study questions are included for an individual or group study series during the season of Advent. This DVD can also be bought on Amazon.

There is a Redeemer, The Folk Group

This newer offering from our church’s instrumental ensemble includes scripture songs, hymns, and choruses from the best of their repertoire. The instruments featured are violin, flute, penny whistle, cello, piano, 12-string guitar, bass, and vocals.

Turn My Heart, The Folk Group

This first offering from our church’s instrumental ensemble features scripture songs, hymns, and spiritual songs from the best of their repertoire. Now in its third printing, this powerful CD has made it to five continents over the past ten years. The instruments included are violin, oboe, flute, trumpet, french horn, piano, guitars, bass, and vocals.

Williams Plays the Williams, Mark Williams

This recordings contains some of the most beautiful and exciting music for the organ, the king of instruments, ever in print. Our own parish musician, Mark Williams, plays music from eight countries from the 15th to 21st centuries on the organ he designed and built in his home in the historic Gordonston neighborhood in Savannah, Georgia. It comes with “The Organ in Sight and Sound,” an engaging teaching series by E. Power Biggs on the inner workings and colorful history of the pipe organ.