Our newsletter is released each week on Thursday afternoon.

06/17/2021 “Parish Forum Feedback”

06/10/2021 “Ordinary Missionary Voices come to Adult Sunday School”

06/03/2021 “Welcoming Newcomers to our Family of Faith: Parish Forum June 10th, 6 PM”

05/27/2021 “Stephans Family Update and Appreciation for Prayers & Help”

05/20/2021 “Hope Academy is in the Building!”

05/13/2021 “Overcoming the “Roots” that trip us up”

05/06/2021 “The Holy Spirit’s Work”

04/29/2021 “Preparations for The Bishop’s Visit & New Parish Forum Gatherings”

04/22/2021 “Relaunching the Children’s Ministry

04/15/2021 “The Lord Who Heals & Covid Policy Update”

04/08/2021 “Children’s Ministry Announcement & Eastertide Update”

03/25/2021 “What is happening this Holy Week?”

03/18/2021 “God is doing great things among us”

03/11/2021 “A Lot To Be Thankful For”

03/04/2021 “Annual Parish Meeting”

02/25/2021 “What’s Happening at Whitefield?”

02/18/2021 “Moving Forward in Mission & Ministry”

02/11/2021 “Bearing Fruit with Patience”

02/04/2021 “World Missions Sunday”

01/28/2021 “Church Planting During the Time of Covid”

01/21/2021 “The Faith of the Faithful”

01/14/2021 “Welcome to CCA : Sharing your gift of hospitality”

01/07/2021 “Serving At the Lord’s Table

12/31/2020 “Pursuing Spiritual Goals”

12/24/2020 “Merry Christmas from Fr. Craig”

12/17/2020 “The Holy Spirit will Come Upon You”

12/10/2020 “Advent Mission”

12/3/2020 “Advent & First Impressions”

11/26/2020 “I Hate Long Goodbyes… and Covid Protocol”

11/19/2020 “Thank You… Livestream Testing Continues”

11/12/2020 “Closing… Opening”

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