Next Generation Mini Retreat

We are blessed to have the ability to host a Next Generation Mini-Retreat for our youth and young adults. On Saturday, July 13 youth and young adults are invited to join the Rev. Christopher Jones, Canon for Next Generation Ministry in the Gulf Atlantic Diocese to develop a vision for evangelism and telling others about Christ in the context of our lives.

The afternoon will start in Hebron Hall with lunch and fellowship, followed by Fr. Christopher’s mini retreat. At the end of the day pizza and dessert will be served.

There is no cost for the mini retreat, but we need you to register to ensure we have enough supplies and food.

Fr. Christopher’s call is as a son, brother, uncle, mentor, friend, community builder, cultural translator, advocate for the marginalized, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. He was born and raised in Brooklyn and has preached the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in various cities throughout the US and in places as far away as Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

email for more details!

To learn more about Fr. Christopher visit the staff page on the Gulf Atlantic Diocese website.